10 tips for breaking into CIS markets for clinical trials

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Thinking about CIS for your next clinical trial? There are huge advantages on offer in CIS countries for international pharma and biotech conducting clinical trials.The region with a population of 200 million, including countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, boasts excellent patient recruitment potential and lower costs combined with a strong track record for producing highly quality data.

This webinar shows how locating your clinical trials in this region will save you time and money but also get you high quality data. You'll hear from experienced business professionals who will give their top tips on breaking into this market and doing business in this region.
You will learn:
The advantages on offer in the CIS market
Where to start doing business in CIS
Regulation and legislation
Costs and savings
Who this webinar is for
The webinar will be of interest to pharma manufacturers, biotech companies, clinical trial sponsors and anyone considering the CIS market for their business activities.
Webinar programme
Noel Quinn, Commercial Director, COREX Logistics
Luc Jones, Business Director, HR Services – Terralink
Katerina Pogodina, Managing Director, Janssen Russia & CIS; CEO, Johnson & Johnson LLC
Andrey Polyakov, Country Medical Director, Janssen Russia & CIS
Michelle Devine, BD Director, COREX Logistics
Katerina Pogodina
Managing Director, Janssen Russia & CIS; CEO, Johnson & Johnson LLC
Katerina Pogodina began her career at Janssen, the pharmaceuticals division of Johnson & Johnson LLC, in 2001. In 2015, she was appointed Executive Director of Janssen in Russia. Katerina was appointed CEO of Johnson & Johnson LLC in 2019. In 2021 she became co-chairman of InPharma. She is also an author at Forbes and a well-known speaker at major pharma events.
Luc Jones
Business Director, HR Services – Terralink
Luc Jones has been working in Moscow since 2002 in the recruitment and HR business.
During his time in Russia, Luc has written two books: "Guide to Successful hiring in Russia/CIS", and "Why Russians don't Smile" – both are guides to doing business in Russia and CIS for foreign business people. Luc is also the author of several columns in periodicals and a frequent guest on TV & radio programmes concerning careers in Russia. Luc is an active member of various business associations in Russia.
Michelle Devine
BD Director, COREX Logistics
Michelle Devine is the Business Development Director at COREX Logistics based in Dublin, Ireland. She has a wealth of experience in business development within the clinical supply and logistics sector having worked with Almac Diagnostics and Randox Laboratories. Michelle has over 5 years of experience providing solutions to clients from leading international pharma and biotech including Daiichi Sankyo, Roche, Abbott, UCB, TP & Teva. Her role at COREX sees her analysing and developing new market opportunities for COREX in Europe and the US.
Andrey Polyakov
Country Medical Director, Janssen Russia & CIS
With over 30 years experience in Pharma and medical research, Andrey has been Country Medical Director in Janssen Russia & CIS since October 2016. A qualified doctor, he leads the Medical Affairs function for the company which includes supporting commercial functions through strategy development and market preparation for new products. His department is also responsible for supporting Investigator Initiated studies and Named Patient Programs.
COREX Logistics is an international full-cycle clinical trials supply and logistics provider and recognized expert in the CIS and Eastern European markets. We work with major pharmaceutical manufacturers around the world and help them open up new markets in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia and Kazakhstan.

Having built up over a decade of experience and become a regional leader in our sector, COREX Logistics decided to establish COREX Academy, an international knowledge-sharing platform for professionals from the field of clinical trial logistics. It holds regular webinars, master classes, training sessions and professional development programmes.
COREX Logistics
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