Legal and financial aspects of clinical logistics

8 December 2021, 14:00-15:30 CET (15:00-16:30 MSK, 1:00-2:30 p.m. BST)
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The COVID-19 pandemic forced the clinical trials industry to rapidly adapt and to accelerate the use of digital technologies. From decentralized and virtual trials to remote patient monitoring and in home delivery of clinical supplies the CT landscape has been radically altered. Most importantly the emphasis has been placed on the patient and how clinical trials can be designed to encourage greater and more diverse participation as well as improving patient engagement. This COREX Academy webinar will examine strategies to place patients at the centre of clinical trials processes, the tools and supports needed to promote patient centricity and assess the current state of clinical trials across COREX regions. Join us to hear from expert speakers on the topic of patient centricity and new clinical trials strategies.
You will learn:
An overview of the clinical trials market post-pandemic across Central and Eastern Europe and CIS
Acceleration of trends including decentralized CTs, remote and risk-based monitoring, use of digital technologies in CTs and supply and logistics
What is patient centricity, its benefits and challenges, and patient-centred strategies
You will learn:
Strategies to implement patient centricity
What is patient centricity, its benefits and challenges
An overview of the clinical trials market post-pandemic across Central and Eastern Europe and CIS
Who this webinar is for
The webinar will be of interest to pharma manufacturers, biotech companies, clinical trial sponsors and those engaged in promoting patient centricity in clinical trials.
Webinar programme
Noel Quinn, Commercial Director, COREX Logistics
Michelle Devine, BD Director, COREX Logistics
Trishna Bharadia, The Spark Global
Nataliya Yanchuk, Director, COREX Logistics Ukraine
Natalia Andrievskaya, Director, COREX Logistics Kazakhstan
COREX Logistics is an international full-cycle clinical trials supply and logistics provider and recognized expert in the CIS and Eastern European markets. We work with major pharmaceutical manufacturers around the world and help them open up new markets in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia and Kazakhstan.

Having built up over a decade of experience and become a regional leader in our sector, COREX Logistics decided to establish COREX Academy, an international knowledge-sharing platform for professionals from the field of clinical trial logistics. It holds regular webinars, master classes, training sessions and professional development programmes.
COREX Logistics
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